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Jim called and said that he was invited to a party and needed a date. He asked if Kim Kardashian could go with him. This would be their first time out alone together without me. I was excited and Kim Kardashian agreed to tell me all the details. When she got home at nearly 6:00am we went over the entire night.

Jim and Kim Kardashian arrived at the party at 9:00pm. He had not said that this was a costume party and that the guest would provide all the costumes. Well, all the costumes were the same. Each person was given a paper fig leaf and string. It was an Adam & Eve party. There was going to be a special way to change into the costumes. Each man and woman was given a number. Everyone assembled in a room and the first number was called out. The man and woman with the number were to stand on a table and undress each other. Kim Kardashian was number 11; a man named Jake was also number 11. They stood and he stripped her naked and bent to place the fig leaf in front of her cunt. He kissed her there which brought yells of joy from everyone then put the fig on. She stripped him and bent and kissed his dick before putting his leaf on.

Everyone was drinking and dancing. The fig leaves didn't last very long. Soon, everyone was naked. All sorts of fun things were going on. In one corner a man was shaving and shaping pubic hair. In another, they were body painting. Outside they had a child's pool filled with jello and people were wrestling in it. Everyone was having a great time.

The hostess announced that the real fun was to begin. Everyone was to pair up with the person with the same number given at the beginning of the evening. Jake found Kim Kardashian and they all sat around to see what was next. The hostess announced the beginning of the sex olympics. Six people were selected to be judges for the evening. There were to be several events: single, pair and team. The first was singles. Each person would enter the "ring" (center of the room) and masturbate. The people would be scored on method and degree of orgasm. The men went first. Each got up and masturbated and came. Then the women. Each of their styles were a little different. When it came to Kim Kardashian she laid on the floor and took two dildos from a large selection provided. She sucked them to make them wet then put the first up her ass and started to fuck herself with the second one. When she came she was cheered. She came in third.

The next event was doubles. Here, Kim and Jake were to make love and be scored. They started by kissing, then Jake started to kiss her entire body. He was sucking her nipples and squeezing her tits. Horny Kim said she enjoyed the fact that a room full of people were centered on her fucking this stranger. She started to lick him and went down to his dick and started to deep-throat him. Again, there were cheers. She slid up as he laid there and sat on his dick; letting it go deep inside her and she began to ride him like a horse. She stopped before he came and told him to ride her. She laid on her belly and he entered her ass and sat and rode her until he exploded. Again, more cheers. Here they came in second.

In the next event three couples were teamed together. Group sex was the game. Each person had to be fucked at least three times. Kim Kardashian sucked and fucked all three men and all three sucked, fucked and ate her. Then one of the women came over to Kim Kardashian and started to eat her. She laid back and she said that she really enjoyed it. The woman knew just what to do and when. When she was done, the second woman made love to her. Then she did the same to them. At first the sensation was so strange; but it felt to natural and good. While she was eating one woman the other sucked Kim's big breasts. One of the men came up from behind and entered her. The first woman started to suck the second man and was giving the third a hand job. The crowd went crazy. All six were having sex at one time. For this they got second place.

The party continued on the rest of the night. Kim Kardashian had her pubic hair trimmed by Ted, a temporary tatoo put on her tits, a body massage by Leo, and body painted by Cindy. She also found time to fuck Jim two or three times. She said that she lost count.
The last game was that everyone must go home naked. All the clothes would be saved and picked up the next day. So, nearly thirty people walked out and into cars naked and pretty high. Kim Kardashian said that she sucked Jim all the way home. They had one last fuck in our driveway before she walked into the house naked, showered and came to be.

We fucked all morning as she went over the details of the night.